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Condition of Sales


These terms constitute the entire agreement between both parties



  • Shade variations are inherent features of all tiles. Reasonable variations in colour and veining, dimension and thickness should be expected in natural stone products. CWT Stone shall not be liable for any such variations that may occur in natural or manufactured materials supplied.
  • Samples are indicative only. CWT Stone accepts no responsibility in respect of any minor variations between samples shown to the buyer and the actual tiles supplied.



  • All tiles should be examined upon receipt by customer to ensure that the correct products and quantity have been received.
  • CWT Stone shall not accept responsibility or be liable for loss of damage and breakage whatsoever when goods are in transit.
  • CWT Stone shall not be liable for any damages or losses incurred by the Company as a result of any delay in delivery of materials or otherwise.



  • No responsibility will be accepted for incorrect, crazed, cracked or chipped tiles after installation.
  • The purchaser assumes responsibility for ordering the correct quantity of product. Although every effort will be made to provide the same product for re-orders, identical shades, batches or prices cannot be guaranteed.
  • CWT Stone highly recommends tiles be installed to the Australian Standards and by a licensed installer. Inexperience with these materials can result in damage or breakages to the product. CWT Stone shall accept no claims once the tiles have been installed.
  • All porcelain and stone tiles can become slippery when wet. Liability will not be accepted for accidents due to inappropriate tile selection.
  • Titles to these Goods shall remain the property of CWT Stone until all funds have been cleared.



  • Returned tiles will have a 30% handling charge and may not be accepted unless returns are made of the same tonality as in stock and goods must be in original cartons and unopened packs.
  • Invoice number must be quoted or supplied.
  • Goods MUST be returned within 7 days of date upon which they were sold, and with only prior arrangement with CWT Stone



The composition of this Green Marble includes a certain degree of copper which undergoes a chemical reaction when exposed to a strong alkaline solution (such as cement and water). It is therefore not possible to use cement or a cement based adhesive when fixing green marble tiles as this would cause burning or blistering to the tiles surface.

  • Only pure epoxy adhesive or recommended adhesives spread evenly over the entire back of the tile can be used when fixing these tiles. On no account may a cement based grout be used;
  • It is recommended that only epoxy grout may be used in the grouting of wall or floor tiles; as cement based grouting can cause burning of the polished surface;
  • Natural Stone Products should not be cleaned with acid or acid based cleaners. It is recommended that the customer seek advice on all cleaning needs;
  • Due to the different composition of natural stones, man made products and tiling surfaces areas, it is recommended that the customer seek advice on the application process from a tiles adhesive manufacturer;
  • Pre- sealing and sealing of natural stone is usually and highly recommended to prolong the life of the stone;
  • CWT Stone shall not be liable in any respect for the advice provided herein regarding the fixing, grouting, sealing or cleaning of the tiles.

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